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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 21:01 Published in Reviews Written by  Steven Zeegers

Are your Joomla websites secure? There’s no way to be sure, if you don’t do a complete audit of your website. But where to start? is a webservice that wants to answer that question for you – and we’ve reviewed it for you.

 MyJoomla is an online service which allows you to Audit, Manage and Back-up your Joomla websites. We had the pleasure to review the product, and write about our findings.

Audits… and more

MyJoomla is an online service, built by Phil Taylor – a renowned Joomla security specialist. That explains the main strength of MyJoomla : it allows you to audit your own Joomla websites with a few clicks.

When we say “a few simple clicks” we are not exxagerating. Getting started with MyJoomla is simple, and can be done in just a few steps:

  • Sign up for the Service
  • Add your first site
  • Download an extension which you install on the target site
  • Click a few buttons

And you’re done, MyJoomla starts to audit your website for you. All you do from that point, is sit back and wait until the results come in.


There’s a good reason we mention the “Audits” feature first. MyJoomla does an extremely thorough scan of your website, and then generates an overview which indicates all potential security websites your website suffers from. In some cases, it’ll discover security issues that might have been slumbering for years, waiting for someone to abuse them.

A personal story, perhaps? When I ran MyJoomla on an old Joomla 1.5 site we inherited, it indicated there were encrypted files on the site that might be dangerous. Dangerous, indeed. After making a back-up, I tried to run this strange file. Which, in turn, wiped my entire /images folder. Yikes! Now that I knew the file was there, I could restore my back-up and delete this evil, evil file. Site saved!

But that is just one of the nearly one hundred tests MyJoomla runs on your website, in 7 categories. MyJoomla checks your Joomla Configuration, your Files & Folders, your Server configuration and much more.


Once the audit is complete, you can get in depth information about the problems – along with a solution on how to solve them. In many cases, MyJoomla will even be able to fix the problem for you. It can, for example fix files permissions or remove the “Admin” user. MyJoomla doesn’t just indicates the probles – it explains why it’s an issue, how you could solve it AND offers you to help. Three for the price of one!


The Audit Feature alone is reason enough for everyone to consider subscribing to this great tool. But wait, there’s more.

Manage & Back-up sites

MyJoomla promised more features in 2013, and they delivered. 2013 is two days old, and they’ve added two new options: Back-up Management and Monitoring.



With the Back-up Feature you can create back-ups of your Joomla websites. The only condition is Akeeba Backup (either Core or Pro) needs to be installed on your website. Cue “Wait, I thought Akeeba came with every site?” joke here. Enabling these Remote features is as easy as clicking “Enable Back-ups” in MyJoomla. You’ll then be able to create remote back-ups of your site with just a few clicks in MyJoomla.  And there’s more on the horizon: The option to schedule back-ups is in the works.


MyJoomla also allows us to monitors our sites – using three different options to do so. This feature will check if your website is online every 5 minutes, and warn you when the website goes offline.

Essential for the Joomla Pro ?

After having used MyJoomla for a few of my sites, I’ve become convinced that it’s a must-have for every Joomla Pro. For a small fee, you get a ton of auditing tools, plus the option to monitor and back-up your websites. MyJoomla makes it really simple to do all this, too. You don’t need to be a Security Expert to use MyJoomla. If you own one or more sites, this is a service you should absolutely look into.

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